Breaking my board, Po

Featured Image: Toots checking out Po in half, sitting beside the Zamora boards at the Loghouse.

The forecast was 3~5ft last February 2, 2016 and only a few shortboarders were out. After an hour of paddling out and taking long, crazy drops at the Monalisa Point, I ended up with 2 boards — one roughly 3ft long and the other a little over 5ft. My friend, Ayres, had buckled her favorite board as well. That wave, that wave was a mean one.

At first, waves we’re fat, big and peeling, but as the tide drop it became much sketchier so I decided to take my last wave in. I went to the peak and with perfect timing, I looked behind me and saw the biggest wave at the point that I have ever seen. Afraid that a rogue wave’s lip would fall directly on me, I dove under it after kicking my board away. I pulled onto my leash as soon as the wave passed, grateful that it didn’t break, yet wondering why it felt somewhat lighter. As soon as I resurfaced I saw my board’s tail and it’s exposed foam and all I could think of was: OH SHIT. I did, however, stopped panicking after I realized it was buoyant enough for me to “bodyboard” back to the shore…. So there I was, picking up the nose end, trudging back to Little Surfmaid. I walked home a bit shaken up but grateful that I was left unharmed.

I had Po for a little over a year and it instantly became my favorite and I didn’t really think losing a board would hurt that bad.  I was fine the whole day and then eventually, I was crying in the car back to Manila while I was telling my friend what had happened over the phone. Of course, I tried to cover up the pain by buying a new board… which I actually barely used — such a brief rebound affair, that one. Hahaha

After a couple of weeks, Aki-san fixed Po and, honestly, it has never been better! It became a bit heavier and had a bit more rocker which meant more speed and less nose dives! Haha It still rides great at Monalisa Point (even Cemento, Baler!) so I decided would never ever sell it –that would definitely be another heartbreak to deal with…

Taking Po out for the first time in Jan 2015
Taking Po out for the first time in Jan 2015

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