Southswell Monaliza Point

Featured Image: Popping up at the Monaliza Point in San Juan, La Union. Picture from Surfing San Juan, 2015.

The last time I surfed my favorite point with a bit of size was several months ago during Northswell. I’ve always looked forward to experiencing it during the Southswell (mostly because I heard it’s left is a bit more challenging) and this weekend, although conditions weren’t perfect, was very enjoyable for me. It was a break-anywhere kind of weekend from waist to headhigh where you could stay in any spot and just wait for a random bump jackup several meters from you. Most of  the time waves were a weak so it was easier to catch them just as they’re about to break.

I chose to wait at the very peak past the Little Surfmaid and sometimes, out of nowhere, a big set would appear and I of course (being me) would get caught inside. Heehee :)) The whitewater was huge but thankfully it wasn’t too forceful and it was easy to manage paddling back out. I believe the forecast said it was 3-4ft from confused directions (arrows changed from north to south throughout the day). Sadly, every time it would rain and all of us waited for the post-rain glass, the wind wouldn’t stop and it just got choppier.

I enjoyed both Saturday and Sunday morning sessions, even after the high standards set by Pagudpud. Like everything in life I only have the waves that are right in front of me, might as well ride them and squeeze out the most fun that I can in each session!

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