Breaking my board, Po

Featured Image: Toots checking out Po in half, sitting beside the Zamora boards at the Loghouse. The forecast was 3~5ft last February 2, 2016 and only a few shortboarders were out. After an hour of paddling out and taking long, crazy drops at the Monalisa Point, I ended up with 2 boards — one roughly 3ft […]

Surfer Queens Over and Under: Where has been your favorite place to surf?

Featured Image: Dropping at the Point, La Union, my favorite spot. Picture by Kage Gozun, 2014.   Where has been your favorite place to surf? If not in the Philippines, how does it compare to our local beaches? La Union is where I first tried to surf and it would probably be my favorite if […]

Southswell Monaliza Point

Featured Image: Popping up at the Monaliza Point in San Juan, La Union. Picture from Surfing San Juan, 2015. The last time I surfed my favorite point with a bit of size was several months ago during Northswell. I’ve always looked forward to experiencing it during the Southswell (mostly because I heard it’s left is a bit […]