Surfer Queens Over and Under: Where has been your favorite place to surf?

Featured Image: Dropping at the Point, La Union, my favorite spot. Picture by Kage Gozun, 2014.


Where has been your favorite place to surf? If not in the Philippines, how does it compare to our local beaches?

La Union is where I first tried to surf and it would probably be my favorite if I had to name one spot. Urbiztondo is a small cove in San Juan, La Union, where waves are perfect for longboarders. The waves are always gentle and the vibe is always good. A lot of foreigners even choose to settle down there or at least spend months at a time living there when it’s winter in their country. Apart from good waves, it has a lot of comfortable resorts, a lively night life, a coffee shop that serves the best dirty whites to cool off after surfing, and even an authentic Greek restaurant when you’re craving for souvlaki!

I love surfing in the Philippines. Although I haven’t explored all of the surfing beaches in our beautiful country, all the spots I have been to—La Union, Baler, Zambales, Siargao, Catanduanes, and Sorsogon—have a special place in my heart! Hawaii and Bali probably offer better waves but in the end, home is always where I want to be.

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