Surfer Queens Over and Under: Do you play music before you go surfing?

Featured image: Waxing my board for the first time. (c) Allen Aligam, 2015.

Do you play music before you go surfing? What songs get you in the mood?

My surf playlist includes songs that help me chill out. I like waking up early to check the waves’ conditions, then listening to alternative rock songs from Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, and Minus the Bear while I pour my coffee and cook breakfast, taking my time to prepare.

The excitement, however, much more quickly builds up when I hear the sound of boards being waxed, when the scent of sunblock reaches my nose, when I see the glassy waves lined up from the shore, when I feel the touch of cold wet sand under my feet and when I taste the salt on my lips. It’s this kind of engagement of all the senses that truly sets my mood and fuels my desire to surf until I can barely lift my arms anymore!

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