Post-surf Hydration

Bacnotan is never the same without the post-surf Ice Scramble. Maybe it’s only around during North Swell because these past few months, every time we hit Bacnotan, Mr. Scramble was never there! Recently, my friends and I switched to a much better post-surf treat: Buko/Coconut! It’s better than any sugar-filled sports drink. It replenishes your electrolytes and contains natural […]

LU Locals and their board racks, 2010.

Surfer Queens Over and Under: How would you pitch surfing to someone?

Featured Image: LU Locals and their board racks, 2010. How would you pitch surfing to someone who has never entertained the idea of paddling in the direction of a giant wave? Anyone can learn to surf. If it interests you, if you think it looks cool even if you can’t imagine yourself doing it, I’d definitely […]

Heartbreak, Pagudpud during Typhoon Soudelor (Hanna)

No one surfed that morning when Heartbreak was generously giving from what we surmised were double overhead waves, one set after the other. Sitting on a beanbag while watching each lip form into a beautiful barrel only made it a little bit less terrifying. My heart still skipped a beat each time and I’d only stop holding my breath after the group […]

Sandy’s Beach

Sandy’s Beach, Oahu, Hawaii. Taken using an Agfa Isolette III Solinar 4.5 loaded with Fuji Provia 400 120mm.

Surfer Queens Over and Under: What do you love about the sea?

Featured Image: Thank you Troy Medina for capturing my wave at Flotsam (July 2015). Last year, I got an email from my good friend Erin who insisted I get interviewed for an article to be posted on Parallel Planets featuring Filipina surfers. I was a bit hesitant at first since it had only been half a year since […]

The Ocean Inside Us

As a child, I always loved summers when my parents brought us to the beach in San Fabian. We would spend the day under the sun playing in the sand and sitting on those makeshift floaters made from car tire’s inner tubes. As a teenager, however, I was rarely allowed to go anywhere near the sea with friends because my mother […]